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The shooter was angry because his supervisor wrote him up for violating workplace rules, police sources said.

Community leaders on Monday denounced the Christmas Eve beating death of a Bronx man who was robbed of $1, and called for the same financial commitment that Jewish residents have been promised to fight hate crimes in their community.

A Wisconsin winter wonderland in Milwaukee became a free fire zone Saturday night when an enraged motorist took aim at a group of kids throwing snowballs at passing cars.

Home goods retailer Pier 1 will shutter up to 450 stores and cut staff amid plummeting sales and diving stock prices, the company announced in an earnings call Monday.

Burger King has launched a new plant-based Whopper in the U.K., but there’s a catch—only meat eaters can give it a try.

In theory, achieving a healthy weight should be pretty easy, right? Just eat fewer calories and work out regularly to burn fat and build muscle. But, as we know, there are a variety of factors that can affect your weight beyond what you eat and your activity levels.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s excuses to avoid a real impeachment trial with witnesses and documents collapse daily. The latest shoe to drop: Former National Security Adviser John Bolton released a statement Tuesday saying that "if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.”

DraftKings’s tweet congratulating Tolbert on her victory was deleted, amid accusations that she and her husband colluded to cheat the system for a better chance of taking home the prize money.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, his face streaked with tears, prayed over the remains of Gen. Qassem Soleimani and hailed the fallen Quds Force leader as a “living martyr” during a somber state ceremony at Tehran University.

The owner of a valuable Belgian Malinois is barking mad because a Long Island animal shelter ran a “ruse, scam and a scheme” to smuggle the pooch out for a lucrative private adoption, a new lawsuit reveals.

Residents and officials in Tempe, Ariz. are baffled after a graffiti artist calling themself Penis Man swooped in and starting spraypainting the crude cognomen all around town.

“I’ll be back when I feel like it,” she said vaguely.

The governor, who had just left a midtown Manhattan event hosted by the Association For A Better New York, can be seen in video taken by his staff lifting the driver of a delivery van from his cab on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The 25-year-old victim encountered her attacker blocking the sidewalk on Gay St. off Christopher St., just a few doors down from her home, cops said.

Japanese businessman Kiyoshi Kimura, who has dubbed himself the “Tuna King,” purchased a 608-pound fish for $1.8 million at a Sunday auction.

The disgraced film producer ignored questions from dozens of reporters as he walked toward Justice James Burke’s 13th-floor courtroom for last-minute legal arguments ahead a Tuesday’s kickoff to a trial that’s expected to last as long as eight weeks and bring in journalists and filmstars from all over the world.

Young heartthrob movie star Timothee Chalamet is in talks to take on a role as Bob Dylan in a new biopic, called “Going Electric,” according to a report from Deadline.

“She loved new experiences and sharing with other people,” Ty Tennant, 38, said of victim Eileen Aria, 35.

If it wasn’t before, the place is really a dump now. A Florida woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly throwing the contents of a bucket of human waste into her landlord’s face.

Netflix released promotional materials and trailers for Gwyneth Paltrow’s “The Goop Lab” on Monday — and users are not having it.

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